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migration |mʌɪˈgreɪʃ(ə)n| movement from one part of something to another


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Appearing at TEDx Sydney on Fri June 16, 2017

Multi award winning Australian composer and pianist Stu Hunter presents his epic suite the migration.

A soul-searching response to life, love and cultural complexity, the migration is the third in a series of critically acclaimed suites by Hunter. Driving grooves and lush sonic landscapes form powerful scaffolds draped with rich harmonic complexity and deep emotive melodies.  Music direct from the exhilarating frontier of modern Australian jazz. 

Premiered at the 2016 Sydney Festival, the migration features 10 of Australia’s finest creative musicians.

Artists: Stu Hunter, Tina Harrod, Simon Barker, Declan Kelly, Cameron Undy, Carl Dewhurst,  Matt Keegan, Julien Wilson, James Greening and Scott Tinkler

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STU HUNTER The Migration (jazz ahead! 2017 - Trailer) 

STU HUNTER The Migration (Sydney Festival 2016 - Trailer) 

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